About us

Our friendship started even before our births. Our fathers worked together as helicopter pilots, and our mothers became friends. Happy coincidence or friends’ secret, we were born 9 days apart ! And since then our friendship has just grown…

We had a great childhood, two simple and innocent little boys more interested in sports than school, impatient to get back to important lessons learnt by playing in their cabin in the woods, with their wooden swords and endless imagination.

Today our incredible friendship is more the combination of two different personnalities. Growing up, Jan proved to be the dreamer who, with his faithful guitar, would like nothing more than meeting new people in different surroundings. Yvan, on the other hand, dedicates his life to helping others – even in his profession – and is the calm and determined one.


Jan and Yvan

Our complicity has driven us to live rich experiences. We started travelling together at 18 years old, first in Croatia, then France and Germany, before nearly a year in South America. We definitely got the travel virus : our next trip is the longest motocycling road trip in the world and our dream is to make the world a better place.

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